Dr. Dave Valliere


In the world's highest hockey game, on the slopes of Mt. Everest



Academic Stuff


Room TRS 1-087

Ted Rogers School of Management

Ryerson University

350 Victoria St.

Toronto, Ont.

M5B 2K3


(416) 979-5000 x7603



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Recalling Ryerson's research expedition to Mt. Everest, spring of 2005. We were able to build a school for orphan children in Nepal, in memory of expedition leader Dr. Sean Egan who tragically perished on the mountain. The Green Tara school is now operating in Kathmandu.



Business Stuff


Practical advice on dealing with VCs and other investors:


My consulting company is called Joriki Management, and specializes in strategic management of high-growth opportunities, and in entrepreneurial finance and venture capital.



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The rules of clear thinking:


The rules of clear writing:


The rules of clear persuasion:


AKA Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric.


Other Stuff


A zen moment, for when school is making your head explode


On a related theme, my dharma blog is here


Random art projects are available here


The 2011 Nuit Blanche exhibit of my Broken Symmetry Collective can be viewed here.


The sculpture garden


The expedition to Freedom Rock


Evil scientist hoaxes


Books that are worth the time they take up


Some random literary ramblings


And here is my quick tourist map of Limbe, Cameroon (home of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences), since there doesn't seem to be any good map on the internet, and even Google Maps doesn't know about this place