Cycloid Gear Calculator
Enter the gear data in the yellow boxes.  Press "calculate" to generate the gear dimensions.

General Dimensions
Dimetral Pitch (inch) DP:
Number of Teeth on wheel (big gear):
Number of Teeth on pinion (smaller gear):
Module =
Wheel Dimensions (big gear)
mm inches
Addendum A =
Dedendum D =
Tooth height H =
Radius of tooth R =
Tooth thickness or space  T = S =
Circular pitch CP =
Pitch diameter PD* =
Pinion Dimensions (small gear)
Addendum a =
Dedendum 6 tooth or less d =
Dedendum 7 tooth d =
Dedendum 8 tooth d =
Dedendum 10 tooth or more d =
Tooth thickness t =
Tooth space s =
Radius of tooth r =
Space angle (alpha)* =
Tooth angle (beta)* =
Pitch diameter pd* =
* these calculations are dependant on the number of teeth.
Dimensions are good for gears of module between 0.2 to 1.0
ref.: Clock Wheel and Pinion Cutting, J. Malcolm Wild, Arlington Book Co.
Fairfax, Virginia, USA, 1983.

gear drawingpinion drawing

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