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 Klaas J. Kraay   
 Professor, Philosophy Department  

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Work in Progress Group
Edited Books:
Does God Matter? Essays on the Axiological Consequences of Theism  (Routledge) Hardcover, 2018. Paperback, 2020.                          [Introduction]
God and the Multiverse: Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Perspectives (Routledge)  Hardcover, 2015. Paperback, 2017.         [Introduction]

 (forthcoming) "Elgin's Community-Oriented Steadfastness." Synthese.
 (forthcoming) "Is Motivated Submaximization Good Enough for God?" Religious Studies.
 (2019) "Theism, Pro-Theism, Hasker, and Gratuitous Evil." Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion 9: 31-53.
 (2018) "One Philosopher's Bug can be Another's Feature: Reply to Almeida's 'Multiverse and Divine Creation'." Religions 9: 55-63.
  (2016) "God and Gratuitous Evil (Part II)." Philosophy Compass 11: 913-922.
  (2016) "God and Gratuitous Evil (Part I)." Philosophy Compass 11: 905-912.
  (2014) "Peter van Inwagen on Gratuitous Evil." Religious Studies 50: 217-234.
  (2014) "Perspectives and Positions in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy of Religion." Toronto Journal of Theology 30: 132-140.
  (2013) "Method and Madness in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy of Religion." Toronto Journal of Theology 29: 245-264.
  (2013) "On Preferring God's Non-Existence." Canadian Journal of Philosophy 43: 157-178. [Co-authored with C. Dragos].
  (2013) "Can God Satisfice?" American Philosophical Quarterly 50: 399-410.
  (2013) "Megill's Multiverse Meta-Argument." International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 73: 235-241.
  (2011) "Theism and Modal Collapse." American Philosophical Quarterly 48: 361-372.
  (2011) "Incommensurability, Incomparability, and God's Choice of a World." International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 69: 91-102.
  (2010) "Theism, Possible Worlds, and the Multiverse." Philosophical Studies 147: 355-368.
  (2008) "Creation, World-Actualization, and God's Choice Among Possible Worlds." Philosophy Compass 3: 854-872.
  (2007) "Divine Unsurpassability." Philosophia 35: 293-300.                                                                                                                           [Reprinted in 2013]
  (2007) "Absence of Evidence and Evidence of Absence." Faith and Philosophy 24: 203-228.
  (2006) "God and the Hypothesis of No Prime Worlds." International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 59: 49-68.
  (2005) "William L. Rowe's A Priori Argument for Atheism." Faith and Philosophy 22: 211-234.
  (2005) "Theistic Replies to the A Priori Argument for Atheism." Philo 8: 22-36.                                                                                       [Reprinted in 2010]
  (2003) "Philo's Argument for Divine Amorality Reconsidered." Hume Studies 29: 283-304.    
  (2002) "Externalism, Memory, and Self-Knowledge." Erkenntnis 56: 297-317.
Book Chapters:
  (forthcoming) "Contemporary Analytic Thought: 1950-Present." In Taliaferro, C., and Goetz, S. [Eds.], The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of
  Philosophy of Religion

  (2018) "Invitation to the Axiology of Theism." In Kraay, K. [Ed.] Does God Matter? Essays on the Axiological Consequences of Theism,
  Routledge,  1-36.
  (2012)  "The Theistic Multiverse: Problems and Prospects." In Nagasawa, Y. [Ed.], Scientific Approaches to the Philosophy of Religion,
Palgrave MacMillan, 143-162.
  (2010)  "The Problem of No Best World." In Taliaferro, C., Draper, P., and Quinn, P. [Eds.], A Companion to Philosophy of Religion, 2nd
   ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 481-491.

  (2008)  "Can God Choose a World at Random?" In Wielenberg, E., and Nagasawa, Y. [Eds.], New Waves in Philosophy of Religion, Palgrave
  MacMillan, 22-35.

Annotated Bibliographies:
  (2014) "God and Possible Worlds." Oxford Bibliographies Online [Co-authored with A. Chantler and K. Lougheed].
  (2013) "The Problem of Divine Hiddenness."  Oxford Bibliographies Online.
Article for Non-Specialist Audiences:
  (2015) "Analytic Philosophy and Christian Theism." The Critique, April 5th. 
Work in Progress:
  The Axiology of Theism. (Under contract with Cambridge's Elements in Philosophy of Religion series.)
  Updates and revisions to "Divine Freedom", in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  "Can God be Free?" For Filozofuj! (This is a Polish philosophy magazine for high-school students.)
  Updates to "The Problem of Divine Hiddenness."  Oxford Bibliographies Online.

Recent Externally-Funded Research Projects:
  (2013-2015)  "Theism: An Axiological Investigation"  [John Templeton Foundation]
  (2005-2008) "Theism, Evil, and Religious Belief"        [SSHRC Standard Research Grant]

Recent Conferences Organized:
multiverse axiology