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This web site has been designed to facilitate data collection and analysis as well as the dissemination and use of the findings. We have designed this site with accessibility in mind however if you locate barriers please let us know.

The site supports the research program that I am engaged in as a CIHR Senior Research Fellow in the School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University. There are numerous partner organizations and colleagues involved in the various strands of research that comprise this research program. What you see here is a collaborative effort!

The overarching theme of my research program is the role of home care (sometimes referred to as home support or personal assistance) in the lives of people with disabilities. In particular, I am interested in how home support may enable people with disabilities to more fully engage in social, economic and educational spheres of society and how such activity can be understood as determinants of health.

Methodology is a secondary area of interest that you will see reflected in the research work being presented on this website. I developed, used and assessed Video Action Research as a method to increase the involvement of people with disabilities throughout the research process. This work has gone on to inform further methodological explorations related to the use of video, photography and other non-text forms of representation in action-oriented disability research.

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