Prospective students

Graduate students

If you are interested in completing a Master of Spatial Analysis (MSA), Master or PhD in Environmental Applied Science and Management, Master in Data Science and Analytics, or a PhD in Policy Studies under my supervision, please email me informally and send a CV. I will respond for further discussion only if I think our interests match. Please see my homepage for my research interests, and note that I am not currently working in the area of remote sensing. Research platforms used in my group include QGIS, ArcGIS, MapInfo, Idrisi, CommonGIS/V-Analytics, and GeoDA. A typical student project will involve conceptual modeling, software/function design, prototype development, usability testing, and/or the application of GIS tools in a novel domain. You will likely be involved in external collaborations and knowledge transfer. Candidates should have extensive experience in GIS applications and an affinity to working with computers. Interest in research on GIS, in addition to research using GIS, is required. Programming experience (C, Java, Python) is a plus.

Please check the program descriptions on the Yeates School of Graduate Studies Web site for an outline of the application process. Application deadline is mid-January prior to the academic year although applications may be accepted until all spaces are filled.

Undergraduate students

Research in the area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) complements your coursework on GIS concepts and techniques. Students from Geography, Planning, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, and all other disciplines dealing with geographic information and computing are welcome, depending on the requirements of a specific position. For students in Geography and related disciplines, a research position in my group will contribute to preparing you for the job market, or offer an avenue for graduate research. For Computer Science and Engineering students, GIS provides an opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge to work in a substantial application.

The following are options for undergraduate students to work with me (see also projects page):

Most of these opportunities can be adapted to the student's capabilities, that is, they will require either intermediate GIS or programming skills. Students' familiarity with using a GIS will be complemented during the project by setting up custom applications to demonstrate research results. Students' programming skills will be applied to customizing and enhancing GIS tools for geovisualization and decision support.

If interested in one of these opportunities, please email your resume and unofficial transcript. My apologies if I cannot answer all emails.

German students/graduates

Special opportunities are available for German citizens through DAAD funding and through Canadian-German "work & travel" programs: Wenn Sie an einem 3- bis 6-monatigen Forschungsaufenthalt in der multi-kulturellen Metropole Toronto interessiert sind und ausgezeichnete Kenntnisse in Geoinformatik vorweisen koennen, schicken Sie mir einfach eine formlose Email mit einem kurzen Lebenslauf. Der empfehlenswerte Besuchszeitraum liegt im Sommer (ca. Mai bis Oktober).