Gallery of research results

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Argumentation mapping

Fig.1 - Conceptual argumentation map model (Source: Rinner 2006)

Fig. 2 - Argumap prototype (University of Toronto, campus discussion) (Source: Sidlar & Rinner 2007)

Fig. 3 - Argoomap prototype based on Google Maps (Source: Rinner et al. 2008)

Map-centred decision support

Fig. 4 - Residential quality of life in London, Ontario, according to different decision strategies (green = highest quality) (Source: Malczewski & Rinner 2005)

Fig. 5 - Public health assessment for Province of Ontario according to different weights for health determinant (physical activity) (Source: Rinner & Taranu 2006)

Fig. 6 - Using (geo)visualization not only to explore massive datasets, but also to explore the complex results of interactive analytical processing, such as map-centred MCDA (Source: Rinner, 2007)

Multi-criteria decision-making within location-based services (LBS)

Fig. 7a - Mobile maps-based emergency
decision support (Source: Rinner 2008)
Fig. 7b - Mobile bar finder application
(Source: Rinner et al. 2005)

3D visualization of spatio-temporal data

Fig. 8 - Stations (red) on three space-time paths (green) in a 3D representation (vertical axis for time) (Source: Rinner 2004)