courses taught

CD8330 - Audiencing Today (Audiences and the Public)

MP8102 - Aesthetics and Communication Theory

CRI400 - Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries

MT8110 - Product Development and Commercialization

CC8940 (CMCT6300): Political Economy of Culture and Communication (ComCult Politics & Policy foundation course)

MP8110: Innovation, Growth, and Competitiveness in Media Industries

BA F691: Cultural Economy and Creative Industries (School of Management, University of Alaska-Fairbanks)

CC8952 (CMCT 6310): Political Economy of Media - Technology / Politics / Globalization

MBA8412: Core Issues in Media Management

MT8403: Competitive Strategy for Media

BDC913: Media Entrepreneurship

BRD049: Cases in Communications: Media Work

BUS800: Competitive Strategy

March 2024