Bassam Jubran   "Tell Me, I'll Forget, Show Me, I'll Remember, Let Me Do It, I'll Understand"

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Teaching Philosophy:

My aim  is to motivate students to learn, to promote excitement about the course in the class and beyond, and to build a good close relationship with the students. I encourage students to work in teams as well as independently. Team work is done through students’ involvement in course mini practical projects and experiments. These skills are the essence of the engineering profession in the age of complex engineering systems and a competitive world. In addition, students need to shoulder responsibility for their learning with a minimum of guidance, as hands-on and mind-on are the best ways to comprehend and to think creatively. Mind-on is asserted by encouraging students to develop alternative concepts and solutions for the problem on hands.

  Graduate Student Supervision:

Dr. Jubran is currently involved in supervision of graduate students undertaking cutting edge research related to thermal management in gas turbine components and aerospace systems. The main focus at this stage is towards the development of new advanced cooling techniques for gas turbine blades and micro thermal management devices for avionic systems. Further, conduct interdisciplinary research on the effects of manufacturing techniques on thermal performance of micro-thermal management components. Graduate student Research Assistantship positions are available to pursue research  in these same areas.