Completed PhD Theses

  1. Burak Turhan, 2008: Improving the Performance of Software Defect Predictors with Internal and External Information Sources: currently Senior Lecturer in Brunel University, London, UK.
  2. Gulfem Isiklar Alptekin, 2010: Alternative Spectrum Trading Architectures in Cognitive Radio Networks: Spectrum Exchange, CRM, Strict Power Control: currently Associate Prof. in Galatasaray University in Turkey
  3. Asli Uyar, 2011: Asessing Machine Learning Methods in IVF Process: Predictive Modeling of Implantation and Blastocyst Development: currently Application Computational Scientist, The Jackson Labooratory, for Genomic Medicine, USA.
  4. Gul Calikli, 2011: Improving Performance of Defect Predictors Using Confirmation Bias Metrics: currently Assistant Prof. in Chalmers University, Sweeden
  5. Ayse Tosun,2012: A Decision Making Framework for Predicting Software Reliability: currently Assistant Prof. in Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  6. Bora Caglayan, 2013: Modelling Information Network and Social Network in Software Projects to Predict Software Quality- Bogazici University: currently research fellow in IBM Cognitive Systems, Ireland
  7. Sedef Akinli Kocak, 2017: Software Energy Consumption Prediction Using Software Code Metrics- Ryerson University: currently PostDoc in Soscip, University of Toronto

Ongoing PhD Theses

  1. Parisa Lak, Ryerson University
  2. Shirin Akbarinasaji, Ryerson University
  3. Gulsun Demirezen, Ryerson University
  4. Can Kavaklioglu, Bogazici University

Completed MS Theses

  1. Ugur Yenier, 2005: Extensible Interactive Web Services
  2. Ali Emre Arpaci, 2005: Web Services Composition With Agent Based Business Process Execution Language
  3. Mustafa Adacal, 2005: Agent Based New Mobile Web Services Framework
  4. Hasan Dogu, 2005: An Extension to OASIS UserNameToken for Symplifying UsernamePassword Authentication
  5. Evren Ceylan, 2005: Software Defect Identification Using Neural Network Techniques
  6. Mehmet Senvar, 2006: Semantic Web Service Discovery Framework
  7. Evren Ayorak, 2006: Super Peer Web Service Discovery Architecture
  8. Gokay Burak Akkus, 2006: Semantic Web Services Composition: A Network Analysis Approach
  9. Bilge Baskeles, 2006: Software Effort Estimation Using Machine Learning Methods
  10. Yomi Kastro, 2006: A Defect Prediction Method for Software Versioning
  11. Atac Deniz Oral, 2007: Defect Prediction For Embedded Software
  12. Erdem Savas Ilhan, 2007: SAM: Semantic Advanced Matchmaker
  13. Volkan Ozadali, 2008: Precondition and Effect Matching Using SWRL
  14. Selim Ozyilmaz, 2008: Matchmaking In Semantically Enhanced Web Services: Inductive Ranking Methodology
  15. Ayse Tosun, 2008: Defect Prediction in Embedded Software Systems: Cascading Naive Bayes Algorithm with Cross vs Within Company Data
  16. Ayse Bakir, 2008: Classification Based Cost Estimation Model for Embedded Software
  17. Yigit Kultur, 2008: Software Effort Estimation Using Ensemble of Neural Networks with Associative Memory
  18. GOzde Kocak, 2008: Software Defect Prediction Using Call Graph Based Ranking (CGBR) Framework
  19. Melih Celik, 2008: Source File Level Software Defect Prediction Framework
  20. Yasemin Kosker, 2009: Prediction of Code Refactoring Using Class and File Level Software Metrics
  21. Ekrem Kocaguneli, 2009: Better Methods for Configuring Case Based Reasoning Systems
  22. Salifu Alhassan, 2010: Do More People Make the Code More Defect Prone?: Social Network Analysis in OSS Projects
  23. Serdar Bicer, 2010: Defect Prediction Using Social network Analysis on Issue Repositories
  24. Shirin Manafi, 2014: A Two-stage Normalization Method For Robust Differential Expression Analysis in Microarray Experiments
  25. Mayy Habayeb, 2015: On the Use of Hidden Markov Model to Predict the Time to Fix Bugs- Ryerson University
  26. Zainab Al-zanbouri, 2015- co-supervised with Dr. Miranskyy: Database Engines: Evolution of Greenness- Ryerson University
  27. Mefta Sadat, 2017- co-supervised with Dr. Miranskyy: On Predicting Rediscoveries of Software Defects- Ryerson University

Ongoing MS Theses

  1. Sravya Polisetty- co-supervised with Dr. Miranskyy- Ryerson University
  2. Saeede Sadat Asadi Kakhki- Ryerson University